Connecting with Purpose

Several years ago, as a development director for a Milwaukee nonprofit, I made a cold call to a local business seeking their sponsorship support. I was surprised to be routed directly to the company president rather than someone in the marketing or human resources department. When we later met to discuss my proposal, I was delighted to discover that the president of this multi-million dollar business was not only interested in sponsoring our event, but that he cared deeply about the neighborhood in which his factory was located and where many of his employees lived. Throughout our partnership, he or the company’s vice-president were my primary contacts. This couldn’t have been easy given the size and complexity of their business and management responsibilities.

Which got me thinking: how many other businesses want to connect with the community but simply don’t have the time or staff to do everything that’s required to develop and maintain successful partnerships with local nonprofits or causes? And if I hadn’t called this company out of the blue, would they have had the time to reach out to us or another worthy organization?

These questions were the genesis of Bottlewood Communications. We step within the space between “wanting to connect” and “connecting” by offering a full complement of community relations and marketing/editorial services to small-to-mid sized businesses so that they can develop and sustain effective, mutually beneficially relationships with local nonprofits while also promoting their business/brand and building employee and customer loyalty.

Bottlewood Communications focuses on businesses that aren’t large enough to justify dedicated community relations staff, but who care deeply about their community and want to get more involved. (You can read more about this here.) We offer a full spectrum of services – from community relations consulting to marketing communications and editorial services to strategic fund development, event management, and grant writing (for nonprofits).

Our goal is to help your business connect with purpose – with your community, customers, and employees.