Not an Oxymoron: A Milwaukee Summer

Milwaukee winter
Brewers Hill neighborhood in January 2015. Photo: Nancy Ketchman

It’s summer in Milwaukee, a time of overlapping music festivals, patio parties, street fairs, picnics, and swimming parties. It’s wonderfully
exhausting. But who’s complaining when the other option is this?Handmade-Stamps_0039_Arrow



I’m not!  And while I do love a good snowstorm, there’s something special about sitting on your front porch swing on a warm midsummer evening, sipping a mojito made with freshly picked mint from your garden and listening to children laugh as they play at the playground across the street.

On that note, I wish you all a delightful and relaxing summer. As the great Guy Lombardo sang,  “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!”  Click here for a reggae version of Enjoy Yourself by The Specials.

Bradford Beach
Bradford Beach, July, Milwaukee, WI Photo: Nancy Ketchman