Why, hello!

Post by horseSeveral years ago, a colleague of mine rolled his eyes when I said I was starting a personal blog. “Another blog? Everyone has a blog.” I get it. We are inundated with blogs, emails, podcasts, videos “you just have to see,” blah, blah, blah. It IS exhausting. There literally is no way you can keep up with everything AND do your job. (Do you ever find yourself wishing that you lived in a rural town near the turn of the century when you had to wait two to four weeks for updates of any kind? Maybe it’s just me…)

So I make you this promise: Bottlewood Communications (mostly me, but occasionally another team member) will only post blog entries every couple of weeks about:

  • corporate giving ideas and sponsorships,
  • employee volunteer events,
  • promoting your philanthropic efforts,
  • marketing your business via case studies and articles,
  • nonprofit fundraising events, and
  • more….

Oh, and I’ll occasionally let you know when it’s time to turn off the office lights and have some fun. Here in Milwaukee that means a visit to one of Milwaukee’s Biergartens (beer gardens) for some thirst-quenching, soul-restoring Gem├╝tlichkeit! Prosit!